For those looking to live the downtown or Lake Austin lifestyle in Austin, the Seaholm Residences offer a great location and amazing amenities. Whether you’re looking for Seaholm Residences for sale or for rent, you can find a wide array of properties at our available listings page.

While you won’t find a huge assortment of Seaholm Residences for rent, the luxury condo market has plenty to offer for those looking to buy.

Floor Plans

The architects and designers of the Seaholm Residences at 222 West Avenue in Austin took great care to ensure the units had a wide selection of floor plans available. You can find single room studios fit for a young professional all the way up to expansive 3 bedroom units that are fit for a small family or couple who is looking to have extra room for entertaining.

Check out all the available floor plans below:

Single Bedroom Floor Plans

Two Bedroom Floor Plans

3+ Bedroom Floor Plans

Why You Should Buy, Not Rent

Renting a luxury condo in Downtown Austin can be a fun and exciting lifestyle. You get to live in the heart of everything that Austin has to offer all without the typical burdens of home ownership. But paying rent for a luxury condo has its obvious drawbacks.

First, there are rarely ever Seaholm Residences for rent. For the most part, the condo owners prioritize full-time ownership over short term rentals so that prevents many of the properties from being used as rental properties.

But more importantly, owning a luxury condo is a great investment. With Austin’s housing market, the value of a Seaholm condo is only going to rise, especially as more and more people move here to be a part of the tech industry, the amazing parks, and the music scene.

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