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Located at 222 West Avenue, Seaholm Residences is a 30 story facility that is home to 280 condos on eight acres of mixed-use development. This beautiful art deco building is located on eight acres that include a hotel, offices, retail space, and more than three acres of open space for the people of Austin to enjoy.

Because it is such a design marvel inside and out, we thought we would take a moment to get to know the architectural firm responsible for this magnificent property: the award-winning Design Collective, Inc. (DCI).

About the Seaholm Residences Architect & Design Team

One thing stands out about DCI when examining their work over the past 40 years—they have a diverse portfolio of projects that have been built all over the United States. DCI has taken on urban design, landscape architecture, interior designs, and sustainability projects—all of which are well represented in the Seaholm condos project.

Their diverse experience allowed them to take on a project like Seaholm and use their varied and holistic approach to make beautiful, functional living, working, and commercial spaces.

One thing that makes these Austin downtown condos stand out is the work of DCI principal architect, Brian Reetz, and his team. Reetz has 17 years of experience in providing award-winning landscape design for many different types of projects. This not only includes other multi-family housing projects, but also green projects, work at Rutgers University, and many others.

Jennifer McLaughlin is the other principal at DCI with more than 21 years’ experience as an interior designer. McLaughlin is an award-winning interior designer who leaves her stamp of elegance on each project she works on. With a degree in architecture from Temple University, she has brought her skill to projects like corporate buildings, multi-family homes, student housing, and to Seaholm Residences.

Other Featured Projects

Some featured projects DCI has completed include Baltimore County Public Schools, Inmar Headquarters in Winston-Salem, Coppin State University Health and Human Services Building,

Many of these projects are LEED Accredited indicating they have been recognized and certified as meeting the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

With such a unique project, the developers needed an architecture firm that could meet the needs of the Seaholm project. Not only did they need cutting-edge green design, they also needed to pay homage to the historic site, and make a space that meets the needs of today’s Austinite.

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