Austin is one of the premier up and coming locations in the United States. With lots of opportunities for real-estate investment, the Seaholm District is one of the city’s marquee locations. Springing up out of the old, decommissioned Seaholm Power Plant, the Seaholm apartments and condos have been developed with a classic, industrial feel that combines the fun of urban living with an amenity-rich location.

While residents will also get to enjoy the myriad of amenities provided by the Seaholm condos, they will also have easy access to the heart of downtown Austin.

Living in Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is a growing area and the Seaholm District rests in one of the newly developed corridors.

The district encompasses some of the pieces of the Central Business District of Austin along with parts of other districts. This means that there are lots of up and coming companies along with well-established cornerstones of the city at the ready for Downtown Austin apartment owners. Some of these include premier tech companies that include:

  • AthenaHealth
  • Google Fiber
  • WP Engine
  • Facebook
  • MapMyFitness

Austin City Hall is also located nearby so residents have easy access to both work and play, minimizing the time spent commuting. Of course, there are countless other amenities that come with living in Austin’s Seaholm District as well.

Shops and Restaurants Near Luxury Apartments in Seaholm

For those who are avid shoppers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Residents of the luxury apartments in Seaholm have access to boundless stores. There are lots of organic food stores, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, where people can fill their fridge with locally sourced produce and meats. Of course, for the foodies, there are delicious restaurants such as Halcyon, Le Politique, and Mama Fu’s. Downtown Austin is also an athlete’s dream, home to stores such as Rogue Running and Orange Theory Fitness. There is also easy access to Ladybird Lake, where residents can enjoy hiking trails, boating, fishing, and kayaking. Why not check it out?

An Investment Opportunity

The Seaholm area of Downtown Austin is a new, up and coming area. This means that there is plenty of development happening in the district. Because of this, living in apartments in the Seaholm District represents a tremendous investment opportunity. As the area grows, real estate values will only increase. Why not take this opportunity to invest in one of the condos for sale?

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