People are attracted to Texas capital’s cultural institutions, outdoor spaces, and music. Austin was established near the shores of the Colorado River in 1939. Previously known as “Waterloo,” Austin is rich in history, from the stately Capitol located downtown, to the bronze Stevie Ray Vaughan statue that welcomes visitors near the river, to the LBJ Presidential Library situated at the University of Texas, Austin.

Benefits of Luxury Apartment Ownership in Downtown Austin

There are so many things that are great about Downtown Austin, so you shouldn’t be surprised that there has been a lot of action when it comes to the downtown luxury real estate.

Urban centers all over the US are the place to be, and it’s not difficult to comprehend why. They are the epicenters of creativity and culture, newness and hipness, and are full of possibilities for a city’s future.

Austin is no exception.

The Seaholm luxury apartments in Downtown Austin offer a dynamic lifestyle and are an excellent alternative to single-family homes in the traditional suburban neighborhoods.

Living in the urban Austin means you have easy accessibility to all that this city has to offer: great bars, a thriving entertainment district, arts and film, the best in music, fabulous restaurants, and plenty of outdoor activities around Lady Bird Lake. From high-rise loft living to low-rise condo around the lake shores, undoubtedly, you can’t beat the perks of living downtown.

Amenities in the Seaholm Condos

The Seaholm Residences at 222 West Avenue in Downtown Austin offer you state-of-the-art urban living in the city, and the condo tower is designed for luxury and comfort. Here you will find a wide variety of layouts and floor plans, from studios to 3 bedrooms. The tenth-floor amenities sky deck provides you with everything you need to work, live, and play at the center of Downtown Austin.

A spacious fitness center is available for your workouts, and the open air dog park near the dog washing station allows you to enjoy capital views. If you enjoy parties or would like to throw one, the club room is an excellent choice, and if you want to get some work done, you can head to the business center.

Also available is a heated swimming pool with amazing views of Lady Bird Lake, and here you can take a dip and enjoy open-air grilling.

Investment Benefits of Owning a Seaholm Luxury Apartment

Owning a Seaholm apartment offers you numerous investment benefits. First is the strength of the market. Multifamily housing remains steady and does not experience the dramatic changes that office and retail usually experience. This is, therefore, the least risky class of assets, and all demographic indicators show it will be a strong market for many years to come.

Another benefit is the leverage it offers you. The current low-cost debt won’t last a lifetime. Today, the cost of capital is very attractive and there are a plethora of multifamily loan products to choose from. This is the time to lock in on long-term debt and pay down significant principal as time goes.

The third benefit that owning an apartment offers you is that it is a hard asset. An apartment building isn’t a paper asset. If you buy the right deal, its value can never depreciate to zero. Universally, apartments are regarded as an excellent shield against inflation; eventually, inflation will kick in someday.

Owning a Seaholm luxury apartment in Downtown Austin is an excellent investment since the city is bustling with activity and has lots to offer you as a resident and apartment owner.

With an abundance amenities, the Seaholm Residences are your best choice in downtown Austin. For more information, call us at 512-247-8788.

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