If you enjoy a healthy, nutritious, and delicious bowl of poke, then Malibu Poke is a place you have to try. The company’s Southern California-inspired poke bowls display the culinary talents of Jon Alexis, operator of TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill in Dallas, Texas—which is voted one of the best restaurants in the area. Chef Matt McCallister, a nationally recognized culinary specialist himself, also runs the show at Malibu Poke. The menu includes extremely fresh, sashimi-grade fish, mixed with unique sauces and fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs grown at local farms.

While Malibu Poke originated in Dallas, Texas, it brought a location to the Seaholm District in Austin during the fall of 2018. From the delicious, fresh fish to the many toppings to choose from, Austin locals and visitors love Malibu Poke. While the restaurant opened up its first location in Dallas, Texas in late 2017, the company hopes to expand to even more locations throughout Austin.

Malibu Poke specializes in their spin of the “classic’ poke bowls, but they also offer unique, bolder flavors that include smoked bonito aioli, coconut curry, red miso, and more. And when it comes to toppings, Malibu Poke does not disappoint. From avocado and macadamia nuts to white pickled ginger and furikake, they have toppings suitable for all taste buds! When it comes to choosing your protein, Malibu Poke offers some of the freshest meat in the Austin area. Choose from freshly-caught ahi tuna, Atlantic salmon, tofu, cooked shrimp, and more. Do you enjoy a good sauce? To truly create a great poke bowl, the sauce is a key component. For sauce options, Malibu Poke offers their signature Malibu Sauce, miso, wasabi ponzu, tropical chimichurri, bonito aioli, and more!

The Malibu Poke location in Austin can be found at:

211 Walter Seaholm, Ste. 115,
Austin, Texas 78701

Their restaurant is conveniently open every single day from 11 AM to 9 PM.

To learn more about Malibu Poke, including information about their menu, history, catering options, and more, feel free to visit their website at: https://www.malibupoke.com/.

Customer Reviews

According to reviews of Malibu Poke in Austin, people enjoy the cool features of the restaurant, such as the ordering kiosks and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, many reviews mention that the location is perfect since it’s very close to those who work in the downtown Austin area. People also mention that the fish is very fresh and that the ingredients are very high-quality.

For a fresh poke restaurant that has dishes created from some of the industry’s best, Malibu Poke is definitely a place you need to try!

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